Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stengers on multiple uses

P2P Foundation directly my attention to this article on Isabelle Stengers. She co-wrote Order out of Chaos with Prigogine as well as many other books and articles. She's also a recurrent reference in OOO and SR circles, in fact having a chapter in The Speculative Turn. The article provided some excerpts from her book Capitalist Sorcery: Breaking the Spell. I've excerpted from the excerpts relative to OOO:

"We think that there is a great deal to learn from user movements; because the user is defined by use, a very interesting term because it can­ not be reduced to simple utilisation. An object is defined by its utility, whereas a thing can enter into multiple uses, and no user can as such claim to be in a defining position. Every use is, in fact, minoritarian....That is why they were able to bring together the most heterogeneous of protagonists: none could claim to possess privileged access to the truth...a truth able to situate all other versions."

We've compared Bryant's notions of an integral methodological pluralism with Wilber's. So how is Bryant's different in situating other methodologies while not simultaneously claiming privileged access to truth, which seems the case with kennilingus kosmic addressing?

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