Tuesday, October 13, 2015


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Economic thinking for the 21st century

We only share the best ideas on the planet that are revolutionizing how we think about the economy and ourselves.

A revolution in economics and business is taking place. Orthodox economics is quickly being replaced by the latest science of human behavior and how social systems work. Few are aware of these deep and profound changes underway that have power to transform the world.  Not anymore!  Evonomics is the home for thinkers who are applying the ground-breaking science to their lives and who want to see their ideas influence society.

We are a community of leaders from business and politics to non-profit organizations and universities. We share the goal to update economics and public policy with the latest scientific knowledge.

Our job is to increase the speed of the paradigm-shift so that the future arrives sooner. We welcome you to join, collaborate, and contribute.

Evonomics is a project of the Evolution Institute.

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