Thursday, December 10, 2015

Naomi Klein & Jeremy Corbin on the Paris climate talks

Klein starts by noting that the Paris talks take as given the gross crossing of scientific, financial and legal red lines that will lead to the dreaded 3-4 degree increase in global climate. Plus there are no penalties for crossing the limits the talks will merely suggest, thanks to insistence by the US. It's starting to more than seem like the talks are fluff to appease people rather than to actually do what needs to be done. So Klein notes that there will be demonstrations on Dec. 12 in defiance of the ban on demonstrations, the latter yet another indication that this meeting is a sham. There is far more in the video by Corbyn and labor union reps on energy democracy via local community control, trade agreements for labor and the environment, renewable energy jobs, etc., all indicative of the rising neo-Commons.

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