Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Iowa too close to call for Sanders or Clinton

See this article. It's not only on polling results but how and why different polls have different results. Polls can be geared to get the results they want by how they are structured. So even those that average all the polls doesn't provide the real picture, since some polls included in those averages are highly biased and skewed.

On a personal note, I recall competing in a dance championship.
Six judges gives scores. The highest and lowest scores are thrown out and the remaining 4 are averaged. However 2 judges conspired against me and my partner for their favorite couple, giving way lower scores to us. Both of their scores were the lowest, and yes, one of those scores was thrown out. But the other one was so much lower than the other 3 that it threw off the average enough to give the championship to their favored couple.

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