Thursday, January 14, 2016

Scharmer: economics is spiritual

Following up on this post, note that the Bauwens' post references The Presencing Institute article, which is based on Scharmer's Theory U. Also recall my rationale earlier in this thread about why economics is 'spiritual.' To further support that thesis here (and following) is a Ning IPS post in the Scharmer thread.
"In #1 there are 3 areas where the self is divided from primary sources of life: ecological, social and spiritual. We are divided from nature, culture and ourselves. The first two list the usual suspects, but our spiritual divide is not from God, the origin, or reality as such but "between the current self [...] and the emerging future self." Interesting definition of the spiritual akin to some thread ruminations.

"In figure 1 he correlates the spiritual divide with our current governance systems not giving voice to the people (aka fascist oligarchy) and private property rights. That's right, these are his spiritual issues. And that all of the above disconnects originate in our economic paradigms.

"We'll see ahead that the solutions, like with Rifkin, are in Scharmer's emerging commons era and eco-system awareness."

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