Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reich on framing the Democratic primary

Following up on the last post, here's Reich's latest FB post on how the IA town hall was framed in Clinton's favor. He reframes it no so much in Sanders' but we-the-people's favor that Sanders represents.

"Listening to media coverage of last night's 'town hall' in Iowa, I keep hearing the Democratic contest characterized as a choice between Hillary Clinton’s 'pragmatism' and Bernie Sanders’s 'idealism' -- with the not-so-subtle message that realists choose pragmatism over idealism. But this way of framing the choice ignores the biggest reality of all -- the unprecedented, and increasing, concentration of income, wealth, and power at the very top (unprecedented since the era of the 'robber barons' in the 1890s), combined with declining real incomes for most and persistent poverty for the bottom fifth.

"The real choice isn’t 'pragmatism' or 'idealism.' It’s either allowing these trends to worsen – destroying what’s left of our democracy and turning our economy into even more of a playground for big corporations, Wall Street, and billionaires -- or reversing them. And the only pragmatic way of reversing them is through a 'political revolution' that mobilizes millions of Americans."

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