Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reich on Krugman's capitulation

In this FB post Reich notes that Krugman 1) doesn't understand political reality and 2) doesn't understand, in Trump's terms, the art of the deal. In terms of political reality the public needs to be mobilized in order to vote in representatives that will implement their wishes. And to incite said mobilization a candidate has to express policies the people believe in and want to see enacted. Sanders is exactly that candidate as proven in poll after poll on the issues.

Granted some of those policies like single-payer aren't going to happen overnight and some practical steps need to be taken. But it terms of negotiation, even Trump knows you aim high to start, like with single payer, realizing there will be haggling down. Which was the complaint with Obamacare (ACA) to begin with, that it started from a much lower starting offer that virtually made it impossible to even get the public option. But now that we have the ACA we can again start with single payer and get the improvements needed, like the public option. From there the door is open to single-payer in the future.

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