Friday, January 29, 2016

Network of Spiritual Progressives on realism v idealism

Specifically Cat J. Zavis, the Executive Director, dissects the so-called Democratic realists backing Clinton calling them faux. She understands the disillusion we faced when Obama promised us great changes but then capitulated to the Wall Street banks. But she notes that the faux-realists are "timid and fearful to limit ourselves to incremental change -- and it only makes the powerful more powerful." Voting for that agenda "is essentially casting a vote for the lesser evil. This approach to social and political change is steeped in fear. [...] When we narrow our vision of what is possible to what those in power tell us is possible, we actually bolster their power." Instead:

"We need people who are willing to stand together, build a transformative movement for social change that unites people behind a vision of a world based on a New Bottom Line of love, justice, sustainability and reverence for each other, all beings and the planet. [...] All great movements for social change were initiated by idealists — the abolitionists, the first- and second-wave feminists, gay rights movement, civil rights movement, anti-apartheid movement, Gandhi’s nonviolent movement."

Amen sister.

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