Friday, June 24, 2016

Defecting progressives

See this Salon article, noting that many of us progressives have given up on the corrupt Democratic Party and may vote Green instead. He argues that the corrupt two-party system has really become just one party of money, and Clinton represents it. More and more Republicans are deciding to vote from Clinton daily."

As the joke goes, her platform may match Bernie Sanders’s on 95% of the issues, but her record matches Trump’s platform on 95% of the issues, and her issues match Richard Nixon on 95% of the record." The Party talks progressive to get votes but never follows through on those promises. And their main rallying cry, "but not Trump!," just isn't a reason to vote for someone, especially when that someone is part of the one big money party problem.

Let's face the facts: The Dem Party has sold us out. And the Green Party hasn't. If we the people on both side actually all vote our conscience the result in November could actually be a very close 4-way race with Stein winning and Johnson coming in second. After all, independents are indeed the majority voting block in the US, so if we don't fall for the fear factor of "no, not Trump" then just maybe neither Clinton or Trump will win.

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