Thursday, June 30, 2016

Human potential satire

I attended a massage therapy school in San Diego from the summer of '84 to summer of '85. It was called IPSB, which at the time stood for the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing. It later changed its name to the International Professional School of Bodywork. Apparently it sold the earlier name to another school which still has that name in LA, but it's a different school. The link above is to the same school I attended, whose history is in this page.

While I was a serious student and absorbed all the various teachings with enthusiasm, I was always a bit skeptical of some of the more grandiose claims made by the various disciplines. And as is typical of my life-long sardonic and sarcastic sense of humor, I put such skepticism into a series of satire flyers to mock the sort of advertising that was commonly used at the time. It was well and ill received, depending on the audience.

I just scanned many of them into the attached document for your enjoyment. Note that during this time PCs were still pretty primitive. I was using someone's MAC and the fonts had poor resolution with jagged lines. This link has a pdf of the above satires.

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