Monday, June 27, 2016

Framing to one's moral values

Following up on this post, from this article:

"Feinberg and Willer drew upon past research showing that American liberals and conservatives tend to endorse different moral values to different extents. For example, liberals tend to be more concerned with care and equality where conservatives are more concerned with values like group loyalty, respect for authority and purity.

"They then conducted four studies testing the idea that moral arguments reframed to fit a target audience’s moral values could be persuasive on even deeply entrenched political issues. In one study, conservative participants recruited via the Internet were presented with passages that supported legalizing same-sex marriage.

"Conservative participants were ultimately persuaded by a patriotism-based argument that 'same-sex couples are proud and patriotic Americans … [who] contribute to the American economy and society.' On the other hand, they were significantly less persuaded by a passage that argued for legalized same-sex marriage in terms of fairness and equality."

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