Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thomas Frank interview

In this video he reiterates points in his new book, Listen Liberal! Bottom line, the Democratic Party abandoned the unions and the working class to support the professional class because they had the money to support their campaigns. Yes, the current Party is all about money and money only. Party members still talk a progressive game but it's all spin designed to get votes and do nothing about progressive policies. Remember Obama while campaigning said that NAFTA was a disaster and that he'd change it. In office, quite the opposite with his adamant support of the TPP. Plus his Justice Department failed in criminally prosecute even one Wall Street Banker for crimes they admitted to. And it's still ongoing and even encouraged through revolving doors of the professional elite. It will be the same with Clinton and things will continue to deteriorate.

Sanders of course represents a throw back in their minds to the New Deal that cared for the working class. The corporate Democrats find that revolting and did their best to thwart the People's candidate and hence in their minds the crass, unwashed masses. As my mother used to say, watch not what they say but what they do.

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