Thursday, October 20, 2016

Donna Brazile is no better than Wasserman-Schultz

So the DNC fires Wasserman-Schultz when it's proven that she rigged the nomination process in favor of Clinton. The DNC replaces her with Brazile, who is supposed to be the ethical one. In this interview Kelly repeatedly tries to get Brazile to admit that the DNC did indeed, per a leaked Podesta email, contract with someone who incited violence at a Trump rally. Brazile is disgraceful in how she tries to deflect the issue and keeps trying to change the subject. She did the same thing when Kelly asked her about how she obtained a debate question and forwarded it to the Clinton campaign. This only reinforces how corrupt the DNC is, and how corrupt Brazile is as well. Talk about a basket of deplorables. And then they denounce millennials as whiny idealists for not wanting to participate in their rigged process.

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