Monday, October 31, 2016

If only we could just get along?

This Time story is correct in its diagnosis but wrong in it's conclusion. It correctly notes that the Republican strategy has been to burn down government completely with obstruction in order to make millions suffer the consequences. That included burning down everything about President Obama. Trump is just the transparent result of all that. Ironically those that voted for Trump, rightfully distrustful of government thanks to Republican strategy, think he'll fix it when he is in fact the result of that system and will maintain it.

Time thinks that if Trump is disgraced in a landslide that this will force the Republicans to come to their seneses and return to a reasonable opposition Party.
How naive. The GOP has increasingly gone in their current direction since Gingrich was Speaker and they gone way past the point of no return. The only way forward is to continually and utterly defeat them in every election until their Part is no more. The Democratic Party is now what the GOP used to be, so we already have one in opposition to the progressives. Ultimately it will be the Progressive Party and the Democratic Party, and to hell forever with the GOP.

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