Thursday, October 20, 2016

I'm not supporting Clinton with blinders

Even though she gets my vote to dump Trump, I'm well aware of her incredible baggage. In the debate last night she avoided the questions about the emails and the Clinton Foundation. When directly confronted with an email question, she verified its veracity and immediately tried to denounce it all as a Russian plot. The latter may be true, but it doesn't eliminate the factual content of the emails. Trump also scored points when he said the Foundation received large 'donations' from regimes that treat women like shit. Clinton again avoided the issue.

She is a deeply flawed candidate and I much preferred Sanders who has none of this sort of baggage. But the DNC and its media lackey made sure Sanders was marginalized and that Clinton won. Yes, the process is rigged and I hate it. But I'll still choose crooked Hillary to Dump because we progressive will keep the pressure on her for four years with the threat of a primary challenge via Senator Warren. If  Clinton doesn't do the job then we will replace her.

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