Saturday, October 29, 2016


I may be inexperienced but I've never seen a six-string bass before. And that can be played with not just bass riffs but with guitar-like melodies and chords. Am I naive? From the Wikipedia article on the 6-string bass: 

"The upper strings of an extended-range bass allow bassists to adopt playing styles of the electric guitar. One such style is the practice of 'comping', or playing a rhythmic chordal accompaniment to an improvised lead. The increased polyphony of extended-range basses allows for voicings of five or more notes, as well as wider voicings such as 'drop 3', 'drop 2+4' and 'spreads.' Walking a bassline and comping at the same time is also possible, which is useful in jazz combos lacking a chordal instrument, or in accompaniment of a chordal instrument during their lead portion."

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