Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Glenn Greenwald & Naomi Klein on the Podesta emails

See this link that has both their podcast and transcript. Both agree that leaked emails like this are acceptable if they are curated to release only information of relevant public interest. And to do so is in fact incumbent on the journalist. However personal emails about private affairs are an invasion of privacy and to be avoided. WikeLeaks used to have a responsible policy on releasing info but have since given it up and just dumped all of the Podesta emails.  Greenwald & Klein discuss this delicate balance.

There's also a discussion of Assange's motivations and methods, given that some think the releases are politically motivated to hurt Clinton. While they can only speculate on his motivations, Greenwald compares the dumps to Snowden. Snowden met with media sources so that they could acts as intermediary editors, curating relevant documents for release. Snowden didn't want that responsibility for himself because he knew he had a personal stake against the NSA. Assange though doesn't seem to feel that sort of responsibility, instead thinking he is the sole arbiter. It's especially ironic given Assange's contention that such releases expose the powerful who control information while he also feels the need to be in sole control of the information leaked.

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