Monday, October 17, 2016

GOP created voter fraud, now change their tune

See this article. Now that Trump is amping up his supporters with constant paranoia about a rigged election due to voter fraud a number of prominent Republicans are speaking out. They complain that Trump is decimating faith in our election process, the latter being necessary to a functioning democracy. And yet it has been a long-standing plank in the GOP playbook that there is indeed rampant voter fraud and hence the necessity to voter ID laws that disenfranchise those who vote Democratic. Never mind that it's a solution to a problem that virtually doesn't exist, proven time and again by several investigations. Or that courts are now overturning such laws because their sole purpose is to disenfranchise certain segments of the population. The GOP intentionally created this fake bogey man for exactly that purpose, and now that Trump is as usual making that policy transparent, those Republicans are having fits.

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