Monday, November 14, 2016

Sanders: What went wrong and what to do now

In this recent interview he discusses why Trump connected with people and voted for him. Trump accurately diagnosed what was wrong, why people were hurting, and claimed he could fix it because he wasn't part of the establishment that created the problem. So Sanders said he'll now hold Trump to those promises and help him to enact them. Let's see if Trump puts up.

He also said he'd like the Dems to give up on their elitist privilege and get back to what made them successful, the working class. This is one reason he's supporting Ellison to run the DNC, because he will do exactly that. Interestingly, although Clinton did adopt some of Sanders progressive proposals we progressives didn't believe her. And I'm guessing Trump voters did not either, and rightly so. We need a genuine progressive like Ellision to lead the DNC, and a genuine progressive like Warren to run for President in 2020.

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