Monday, January 9, 2017

Hedges: the real purpose of the intelligence report

See his diatribe here. First and foremost he thinks it's a conspiracy by both establishment parties to discredit Twamp and pave the way for his impeachment. I wouldn't doubt that the establishment might try to manipulate it for that purpose, and actually hope that they will. But that then leaves Pence as the new President, and in some respects that is even more frightening, especially when the GOP approves all Twamp's Cabinet picks.

Hedges, echoing other far left outlets, said that while the hack is likely there is no proof. And again I say there is proof but it wasn't released to the public. To expect otherwise and use that as proof that there is no proof is bogus in the extreme. And again he, like the others, builds a case by cherry picking indeed true failures and deceptions as if that is the entirety of the matter.

The next reason is that it will be used to silence and/or eliminate alternative media "as witting or unwitting agents of the Russian government." Granted the report does lambast RT America as just that sort of propaganda agent. And just today Hartmann, which also has a show on that network, defended it as anything but that type of agenda, since he retains all control and rights of his content. This one has more than a little ring of truth, especially as Twamp hates this sort of media and will likely try to curtail or destroy it.

Another reason is to provide the justification for expanding NATO in eastern Europe to also expalnd our arms market in the region.  By creating an imminent Russian threat we have much more leverage to get those counties to buy our guns. This one sounds plausible, but it assumes that the Deep State of intelligence, the military and arms manufacturers are all colluding in some evil plan. And for that one it's going to require what Hedges expects of the intelligence community: proof.

And finally it is to provide cover for the humiliating Dem Party loss in the election. I will agree that that Party is defunct and is seeking for any excuse to account for their loss, including the hack. But I also doubt that the intelligence agencies, which have typically not been keen on the Dem Party in years past due to their investigations of it, would be partisan in trying to provide them cover now. Unless again we just assume it's all one big Deep State conspiracy, and that just smacks way too much of paranoia.

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