Monday, February 20, 2017

Another liberation theologian

This from another Catholic into liberation theology, San Diego Bishop Robert W. McElroy. Note that he supports disruption of bad policies but does not blame people who unwittingly support such policies through ignorance or manipulation. He encourages us to create good policies to help everyone in need, including those so misguided. An excerpt:

"Well now, we must all become disruptors. We must disrupt those who would seek to send troops into our streets to deport the undocumented, to rip mothers and fathers from their families. We must disrupt those who portray refugees as enemies rather than our brothers and sisters in terrible need. We must disrupt those who train us to see Muslim men, women and children as forces of fear rather than as children of God. We must disrupt those who seek to rob our medical care, especially from the poor. We must disrupt those who would take even food stamps and nutrition assistance from the mouths of children."

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