Friday, February 24, 2017

Why liberals and conservatives can no longer communicate

These used to be able to honestly debate their differences of policy. So what has changed? This article proves that it's because conservatives no longer agree to have facts as a common ground from which to then discuss how to implement the facts. For example take immigration. Conservatives believe that most immigrants are criminals pouring into the US at a record rate and that they suck up our welfare programs. The facts: Illegal immigration has been net 0 since 2009; Obama deported more immigrants than any other President; only about 7% of immigrants are criminals, and the rest are less likely to commit crime than other US citizens; they don't qualify for and don't get welfare benefits.

The article points out the facts compared to the alternative unreality conservatives live in concerning other issues like the economy, the refugee screening process, climate science, Planned Parenthood, and transgender bathrooms. It's all a fantasy created around their fears that has nothing to do with reality, facts or science. So how indeed do you find common ground with that sort of ideology. One doesn't compromise with delusion somewhere between that and reality.

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