Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where Twamp lies about voter fraud lead

Senator Sanders commented on this story, saying:

"Republican cowards understand that they would lose seats they now hold if free and fair elections were held in many parts of the country. Their response: Hold rigged elections. Make it harder for the poor, people of color, young people and senior citizens to vote and participate in our democracy. When Trump and his friends lie and make delusional statements about "voter fraud," what they are doing is setting the stage for a massive increase in voter suppression. Our job. Fight back. Expand voter turnout. Overturn Citizens United. Fight gerrymandering. Create a vibrant democracy."

Severe voter suppression happened in the last election, so much so that the very tight race for President would likely have gone the other way were in not for so many uncounted votes. And Twamp and Republicans only hope to make it far worse going forward so that the US can never again return to a democracy. We must wake up and fight this one with all we got, for if we lose even more ground we won't have anything left.

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