Sunday, February 26, 2017

DNC shuns Ellison, chooses Perez

It's so funny to hear some progressives claiming Perez is just as progressive as Ellison, hence Perez getting the DNC chair is not much of a difference. Meanwhile actual progressives quite clearly see the differences between them. Ellison is co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Perez is not. Perez might have voted progressively on social issues, but he is most certainly an establishment corporate Democrat on financial issues. And that's exactly why he won the chair, as that's what the establishment Party has become: corporate cronies.

The Party refuses to learn from their devastating losses in the last several elections, including the people choosing Twamp over Clinton. Hence we still get so-called progressives saying Perez is just as progressive as Sanders in an attempt to heal the divide in the Party. No, the divide is irreparable and it's time for true progressive to get the fuck out of it. Progressives will only continue to be co-opted by a Party trying to placate it while continuing the same old agenda and losing streak.

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