Thursday, February 23, 2017

Obama's accomplishments

That's why the 1% keeps trying to program you into believing you are suffering under his Presidency. It's a ploy to distract from the fact that many of his programs have curtailed their rampant, unbridled greed. This article lists Obama's many accomplishments that cause the average American well being. Unfortunately for the 1% our well being equates to their 'suffering' loss of all those profits they could have made had we just believed their lies and manipulations. That's a weird definition of suffering though, since they are rich beyond compare just the way things are. But no, they want it ALL. A partial list of Obama's accomplishments follow, which drives the thieves up the wall.

Gays and Lesbians can now marry and enjoy the benefits they had been deprived of.

When Obama took office, the Dow was 6,626. Now it is 19,875.

We had 82 straight months of private sector job growth – the longest streak in the history of the United States.

Especially considering where the economy was when he took over, an amazing 11.3 million new jobs were created under President Obama (far more than President Bush).

Obama has taken Unemployment from 10% down to 4.7%.

Homelessness among US Veterans has dropped by half.

Obama shut down the US secret overseas prisons.

President Obama has created a policy for the families of fallen soldiers to have their travel paid for to be there when remains are flown home.

We landed a rover on Mars.

He passed the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Uninsured adults has decreased to below 10%: 90% of adults are insured – an increase of 20 Million Adults.

People are now covered for pre-existing conditions.

Insurance Premiums increased an average of $4,677 from 2002-2008, an increase of 58% under Bush. The growth of these insurance premiums has gone up $4,145 – a slower rate of increase.

Obama added Billions of dollars to mental health care for our Veterans.

Consumer confidence has gone from 37.7 to 98.1 during Obama’s tenure.

He passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

His bi-annual Nuclear Summit convinced 16 countries to give up and destroy all their loose nuclear material so it could not be stolen.

He saved the US Auto industry. American cars sold at the beginning of his term were 10.4M and upon his exit 17.5M.

The deficit as a percentage of the GDP has gone from 9.8% to 3.2%.\

The deficit itself was cut by $800 Billion Dollars.

Obama preserved the middle class tax cuts.

Obama banned solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons.

He signed Credit Card reform so that rates could not be raised without you being notified.

He outlawed Government contractors from discriminating against LGBT persons.

He doubled Pell Grants.

Abortion is down.

Violent crime is down.

He overturned the scientific ban on stem cell research.

He protected Net Neutrality.

Obamacare has extended the life of the Medicare insurance trust fund (will be solvent until 2030).

President Obama repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

He banned torture.

He negotiated with Syria to give up its chemical weapons and they were destroyed.

Solar and Wind Power are at an all time high.

High School Graduation rates hit 83% – an all time high.

Corporate profits are up by 144%.

He normalized relations with Cuba.

Reliance on foreign oil is at a 40 year low.

US Exports are up 28%.

He appointed the most diverse cabinet ever.

He reduced the number of troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes, he killed Osama Bin Laden and retrieved all the documents in his possession for analysis.

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