Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Republicans vote to keep Twamp's tax returns secret

Imagine that. Every modern President has had a duty to release their tax returns in order to make their conflicts transparent to Congress and the public. After all, this high Office is supposed to be in the public interest. And this has been accepted by both major Parties in times past. But no longer. After a resolution was introduced using a 1924 law to examine a President's tax returns, it was blocked by 224 House Republicans.

This knowledge is particularly important in light of FBI and CIA investigations into the Twamp campaign having ties with Russia. But the Republicans want to quash that too because they don't care if our election was hacked by a foreign government, or if our President has ties with the Russians that border on if not outright indicate treason. They'd rather not have the public know this information in order to maintain their power and get their draconian agenda passed to screw the public. Which is really their overall agenda, totally antithetical to the very foundations on which our country was founded.

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