Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Syntegrity in semiotics, dance and martial art

In this FB IPS thread the issue of semiotics came up, as well as the language of dance.

I am an advanced partner dancer in ballroom, country and swing genres, as well as an advanced practitioner of tai chi as martial art. Learning to communicate through touch of course requires, like any language, building a vocabulary of technique and pattern. But 'connection' in partner dance and marital art requires creating a slight tension (or resistance) using leverage and compression not only between parts of one's own body but between where partners touch, usually the hands but other parts of the body as well. That slight tension allows us to communicate and accurately interpret each others movements. I said more about it in this and the following 2 Ning IPS posts in reference to LP's notions of adjacency. 

Btw, this same notion of 'tensegrity' (or syntegrity) is explored by Edwards et al in another domain but would apply to semiotics as well.

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