Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Warren on Comey's firing

The good Senator puts it in context. Acting Attorney General Yates warns T-Swamp that former National Security Adviser was compromised by Russia and Yates was fired. The US Attorney for the southern district of NY, who has jurisdiction over what happened at Trump Tower got fired. Which of course is consistent that FBI Director Comey would be fired, since he's been investigating T-Swamp's involvement with Russia. The intent is clear: obstruction or elimination of this investigation.

The obvious next step is an independent special prosecutor. But that must be appointed by the Deputy Attorney General. It's usually the Attorney General's job but he had to recuse himself because of his own ties with Russia. Does anyone really think the Deputy is going to do this appointment if he wants to keep his job? It's sickening that the US has turned into the exact sort of banana republic dictatorship that spits in the face of the very democracy that we fought so hard to establish.

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