Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Neoliberalism's con job on individualism

And not just climate change but how we approach any issue as individuals. In so doing we've forgotten how to organize into groups to win battles, which is exactly the neoliberal strategy to maintain itself. From the article:

"Even before the advent of neoliberalism, the capitalist economy had thrived on people believing that being afflicted by the structural problems of an exploitative system – poverty, joblessness, poor health, lack of fulfillment – was in fact a personal deficiency. Neoliberalism has taken this internalized self-blame and turbocharged it. It tells you that you should not merely feel guilt and shame if you can’t secure a good job, are deep in debt, and are too stressed or overworked for time with friends. You are now also responsible for bearing the burden of potential ecological collapse.

"Of course we need people to consume less and innovate low-carbon alternatives – build sustainable farms, invent battery storages, spread zero-waste methods. But individual choices will most count when the economic system can provide viable, environmental options for everyone—not just an affluent or intrepid few."

And it is we collectively that must fight to change that economic system, which has the most significant impact on mitigating climate change.

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