Friday, July 28, 2017

Thomas Frank interview

Frank wrote Listen, Liberal on how the Dim Party lost its way. In this interview it's summed up nicely with this statement: "This is a culmination of a very long-term problem with the Democrats very gradually, but definitely, abandoning the interests of working-class voters, identifying themselves instead with a more affluent group, with the affluent white-collar professionals." And they still don't see this as a problem. See the interview for much more.

It's a dire warning to integralists as well, with their 'more developed than thou' attitude and fixation on complexity to prop it up. It's a key reason why not only Dimocrats keep losing but why integralists stay isolated in elitist, insular circles with little societal impact. This also relates to the recent Gardner thread. In this case just one intelligence domain is dominant, and thinks the others are subservient, transcended and included within the logical-mathematical domain. Very much like 'consciousness per se' functions in kennilingus.

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