Saturday, July 29, 2017

The racist God of America

Excellent article. An excerpt:

"With our lovely regime change, it’s hard to deny the vibrant threads of prejudice strung throughout American Christianity. These days they are loudly pervasive like hot pink strands woven into white cloth. Strands that if you look, you will find have been deeply intertwined in the culture of America since the founding of our self-proclaimed Christian nation.

"I taught American history for a while and it often felt as if we were looking at a constant flow of outrageous bigotry by the hands of white American Christians who held themselves as superior in their entitled sense of manifest destiny, this deep belief that white Christians were sent by God to convert and civilize the 'savage' world of the 'other.' From the mass genocide of Native Americans, to slavery, to constant restrictions of various groups of immigrants, to turning our backs on the Jewish people fleeing genocide, to turning our backs on the Syrian people fleeing genocide – this Christian nation holds the clear belief that race, nationality, religion, and far more is a basis as to how people deserve to be treated - their worthiness of our love. It shouldn’t be surprising that our level of empathy and concern tends to decrease drastically as skin tone darkens."

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