Friday, July 21, 2017

Right to Vote Amendment

From Representative Keith Ellison:

The Republican Party knows they can’t win elections on policy alone. So a long time ago they decided to get creative and find ways to dishonestly exploit the system to their advantage.
One of the key tactics they’ve relied on is voter suppression. By disenfranchising Americans who would be most hurt by their policies, they know they can increase their chances of winning.
For years, the GOP has perpetuated myths about “voter fraud” while pushing state laws that create an unfair barrier to the voting booth for low-income Americans, senior citizens, students, and people of color.
Now Trump is taking that strategy to the next level. This week marked the first meeting of his “Election Integrity Commission” -- which he created after baselessly claiming he lost the popular vote due to “millions of people who voted illegally.”
Trump’s commision is investigating a problem that doesn’t exist and he knows it. And we know they’ll stop at nothing to institute suppressive voter laws at the national level.
While study after study has debunked the voter fraud myth, millions of Americans were kept from the polls in 2016 due to restrictive voter laws.
In Wisconsin alone, an estimated 200,000 votes were suppressed. Trump won the state by 22,748 votes. It can’t be overstated -- voter suppression is one of the most critical issues facing our democracy. 
The Right to Vote Amendment would not only protect future voices from being silenced, but also restore the vote for those who have already been unfairly marginalized and shut out of the system.
Thank you for standing with me.
In solidarity,
Keith Ellison

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