Saturday, July 22, 2017

The myth of mathematical reality

Great article on how the economics profession uses mathematical models to justify itself, despite the profession's repeated failures to accurately predict the simplest of empirical realities. I'm reminded of the math used to justify the neo-Piagetian model of hierarchical complexity (MHC), which model was used to justify Wilber's integral model. A lot of empirical, neuroscientic research since Piaget has proven some of his basic theses to be wrong. And yet the MHC continues to proceed with a mathematical model that is divorced from those empirical realities.

They even refuse to look at cognitive science developments like Where Mathematics Comes From, which investigates the neuroscientific biases of mathematical models, because their sacred math is a direct access into a metaphysical, Platonic reality. Like in the article they hold on to an outdated astrological model, a worldview that refuses to acknowledge updates in empirical science: The Cult of the Metaphysical Mathematical Models.

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