Monday, May 7, 2018

Democratic confederalism in Rojava

Rojava is an autonomous region in northern Syria. This wiki describes democratic confederalism, and this wiki expands on Rojava. It is a hybrid form of libertarian socialism and direct democracy. Some excerpts:

"The DFNS pursues a model of economy that blends co-operative and private enterprise. In 2012, the PYD launched what it called the Social Economy Plan, later renamed the People's Economy Plan (PEP). PEP's policies are based primarily on the work of Abdullah Öcalan and ultimately seek to replace capitalism by democratic confederalism. Private property and entrepreneurship are protected under the principle of 'ownership by use', although accountable to the democratic will of locally organized councils. Dr. Dara Kurdaxi, a DFNS economist, has said: 'The method in Rojava is not so much against private property, but rather has the goal of putting private property in the service of all the peoples who live in Rojav.'

"Much of the region's economic activity is organized through communes and co-operatives which provide for essentials. Co-operatives account for a large proportion of agricultural production and are active in construction, factories, energy production, livestock, pistachio and roasted seeds, and public markets. Several hundred instances of collective farming have occurred across towns and villages in all three regions, with each commune consisting of approximately 20–35 people. According to the Ministry of Economics, approximately three quarters of all property has been placed under community ownership and a third of production has been transferred to direct management by workers' councils."

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