Friday, May 18, 2018

Huevos Rancheros

March '81

It gets lonely out on the prairie at night
Nothing but the stars to talk to
The moon listens to the howls of the coyotes
And the campfire listens to the sound of my farts
While I'm warming my hands on the blaze
The smell of my farts remind me of


Huevos Rancheros, been playing on my mind
I love senoritas and ranch style eggs.

I'm back at the ranch by the crack of dawn
My wife's name is Dawn so you catch my drift
Been out rustling cattle on the range all week
And I'm hornier than a five o'clock traffic jam
When the loving is done and I'm one hungry cowboy
From the kitchen comes the sweet smell of

Repeat Chorus

Was down in Nogales for a spell last week
Hadn't planned on it but bought a pound of gum
One little boy came up to me and said
“Hey meester, you want to try my seester?”
So I had her right there in the kitchen where she worked
Right on top of a fresh hot plate of

Repeat Chorus

When I got back from my trip I noticed a drip
Funny thing my wife noticed it too
She said “I ought to cut that dirty old thing right off”
But instead she kissed me and went to work
On an old family remedy her mama had showed her
Around my manhood a hot poultice of

Repeat Chorus

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