Monday, July 30, 2018

Dump could be reelected if Dimocraps don't get it together

So says Katharine Murphy talking about Thomas Frank. Some excerpts:

"Frank said Trump was 'uniquely dangerous' as a political figure, and that required the left to reconnect with working people to counter 'the long turn of the American right towards populism. I am absolutely certain the way for a left party to beat that stuff is not to join it and bid for the bigot vote, but to counter fake populism with the real deal,' Frank said."

"'There is a labourist, workerist populism that has been around for more than 100 years, is deep in the American grain, and is very popular, but the Democratic party simply doesn’t believe in it any more.' That strain of populism was exemplified by the political philosophy of the presidential candidate the Democratic party rejected – Bernie Sanders – but Sanders was regarded in Washington 'as a crank.' 'All over the world left parties forgot why they existed and became parties of the professional class and the innovation economy,' Frank said. 'They lost their reason for being, and they got whooped, and all around the world you have these quasi-fascist movements springing up, which is quite alarming.'"

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