Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Germany's renewables reach new record

According to this source.

"Germany's power supply from renewables hit a record high in the first half of 2018, accounting for an unprecedented 42% of the country's electricity generation, according to data from the German energy think tank, Fraunhofer ISE. [...] Generation from renewables in Germany has in fact more than doubled in less than a decade, in terms of both volume and market share, with wind power, now clearly the leading source of renewables, driving much of the growth since 2015."

Unfortunately they are not doing as well in other energy and climate goals:

"The country's record on meeting other energy and climate targets, such as emissions reduction, has fallen short of expectations. In June a report by a government-appointed commission concluded that Germany is on track to meet just one-third of 21 climate and energy policy-related targets, reflecting a lack of progress in meeting many of the Energiewende's aims."

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