Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Progressive populism is about right and wrong

From this insightful article. Amen brother.

"The argument goes that if Democrats move too far to the left, then they won’t hold onto 'the center' which presumably contains the majority of Americans. But this worldview stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the electorate, particularly the few remaining persuadable voters in it. It also represents a failure to grasp the reality of the movement, which is not so much about right and left, as it is about solving problems that the centrists in both parties have studiously ignored or avoided. [...] Solving those and many other urgent problems isn’t about left and right. It’s simply about right and wrong. [...] It’s about proving that the Democratic Party will put the priorities of bartenders and real people who create value in the economy ahead of those of predatory hedge fund managers and insurance executives."

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