Friday, July 27, 2018

The Adventures of Ed the Head, Chapter Nine

In now available in the same document here starting on page 56. Warning: Graphic sex in this chapter. It also takes longer to load now with more pages. Also, some reviews are below:

"Highly entertaining. Good reading for the whole family. Ed mixes some excellent, steamy sex scenes with smoky anecdotes of the drug world into a readable book for hippie and traditional Roman Catholic priest alike." -Bedward Urge, author of To Fuck or to Smoke, or Both.

"My daughter was getting ripped off paying outrageous prices for dirt Colombian until Ed's informative book came out. I was relieved after she read it and knew what kind should cost how much and bought accordingly. I'm so happy a responsible guy like this came along to help out the naive and uninformed, especially since my daughter was stealing from me to buy the stuff. Now I save a good $10 to $20 an ounce." -A concerned housewife and parent from Poughkipsie, NY.

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