Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Even some Republicans are opposed to Republican voter suppression

There are a few sane Republicans left but they are far outnumbered. Nonetheless a few are speaking out against the obvious Republican ploys to disenfranchise people of color, youth and age. That is, those who tend to vote for Democrats. Rachel Maddow reports on not only the huge progressive backlash against voter suppression but also how some Republicans are on the same page. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said his Party is turning people away from it with voter suppression based on the spurious claim of voter fraud, of which there is no credible evidence. He said his Party not only has to encourage people to vote but give them something to vote for. Good luck with that. Then there's Republican House representative James Sensenbrenner, who is trying to amend the Voting Rights Act to fix the devastation done to it by the Supreme Court. He admits that all these new Republican laws are intended to suppress the vote and he vows to fix the Voting Rights Acts before the 2014 election so that the new laws can be overturned. Kudos for those Republicans that are not regressing on the issue.
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