Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jehesua and the Rift

I was also reminded (re-minded, re-membered) of this page and following in the OOO thread, previous ruminations on the recent twist above. On the page and following I started to read Morton's book Realist Magic and his notion of the Rift is relevant. He says that the Rift is between a suobject's withdrawn core and its local manifestations, between its I and me. I talked about the X as this crossroads, the X being in effect two crossed Is, as in I-I. So perhaps the Rift is as I said at any crossroads. This would though remove differance from the inner or virtual endo-relational structure, but that's what I've been arguing of late (and earlier in the first link).

Sign of the Cross. Keep in mind if we fold this cross it becomes a cube, with the five-petaled rose in the center, Jeheshua the mediator between heaven and earth.

S/he is also at the center of the Tree of Life.

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