Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gingrich agrees with Obama: GOP will have zero answer

Well, at least on one point: that the regressive GOP has no positive alternative to Obamacare (recall this post). And that all they do in response to it is negative. He said at the RNC summer meeting, when discussing how GOP representatives will answer their constituents with what they will replace Obamacare: "They will have zero answer." He also said his party has "a very deep problem" with negativity, that they only know how to be doggedly against something and hence do no learn and go forward, just tearing things down. Hence virtually no helpful legislation has come out of the GOP-controlled House since they took over. I'm thinking this is the new 2014 campaign slogan that must go on placards and bumper stickers: The GOP has zero answers. Thanks Newt.

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