Sunday, August 25, 2013


All the material of late is relevant to the project of this thread. At this point I'm just intuiting tenuous connections that have yet to solidify into organized articulation. It revolves around the fold, which stated as an exploration of how later stages of human development fold back to earlier ones for a more complete integration instead of just flying off into ever more complex (complicated) rational structures. My first intuition is how this is accomplished by a suobject's endo-relational structure, which apparently where the withdrawn resides according to Bryant. But my own later questioning of this notion via Clark, with hints from Morton, now sees this thing called the fold also at the boundaries between suobjects.

There is still an autonomy to a suobject but not without a communion. There is still a suobject's endo-relational structure, but it too changes in response to its communions and participation within assemblages. Granted the withdrawn pertains to the unmanifest reserves of endo-relations, but also applies to the same withdrawn in not only other suobjective endo-relations but in the Fold between inner and outer, singular and plural, epistemology and ontology. The Fold even folds in/out upon itself so that there is no essence to it, like Emptiness.

Now how all this relates to memory and folding might be found in Cilliars with 'distributed' brain processing on the 'inside,' which also relates to how this is distributed with the 'outside' environment, also using Clark (and Derrida) as a source. Not surprisingly, we again see this characteristic of distribution being one of those in the emerging paradigm, also expressed in socio-economics like the recent thread on anti-capitalism.

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