Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jennifer Gidley

Another aspect we've discussed on the road to integral enactmment is education (one example). Jennifer Gidley has been a leader in this respect. See this link for her publications. I've quoted her work throughout the forum, particularly her Ph.D. dissertation in the real/false reason thread in terms of more accurately defining integral-aperspectivity and in comparing it to the kennilingus variety. Also in this article she differentiates the developments in complexity science and said:

"My approach to complexity is informed by what has been termed third generation complexity
(as enacted by Nicolescu and Morin) and thus is not restricted to the mathematical and cybernetic approaches of first and second generation complexity science."

I explored this in the pomo and complexity thread and how it differs from the MHC and kennilingus, which have as yet to go "third tier" in this regard.

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