Thursday, August 22, 2013

LA Republicans blame Obama for Katrina!

Recall this post where the Republican group Groundswell thinks that to be effective they need to frame their messages at a 4th grade level. I bristled that they think the American people are this if not stupid then ignorant. But also recall this post where the Republican strategy is in fact to keep their base uneducated, uninformed and immersed in fear and hate so that they can feed them lies. Now there's yet more evidence, as if we don't have enough already, that the Republican base is as ignorant as their masters intend. See this story where a new poll asked Louisiana Republicans who is responsible for the government's poor response to hurricane Katrina. 28% blamed W. Bush. 29% blamed Obama! And a full 44% didn't know! Astounding the utter ignorance. But as I said, that is exactly the game plan. Mission accomplished.

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