Sunday, January 18, 2015

Good luck Mr. President

See this article. On Tuesday in his State of the Union speech he will unveil a plan to raise taxes on the 1% and corporations in order to pay for tax breaks for the poor and middle class. Part of the hikes on the rich include raising the rate on capital gains and eliminating a loophole that prevents inheritance income from capital gains taxes. Corporations that engage in risky financial instruments would be levied a tax. This revenue would pay for increase earned income tax credits for the lower and middle class.

It seems this is more about leaving a legacy than practical policy suggestions, as the regressives have long established they don't give a flying shit about anyone but the rich because they are enriched by that support. In effect, they only care about themselves and everyone else can literally die as far as they're concerned. And that ain't no hyperbole, as many die each day due to regressive policy and law, while many more suffer horribly.

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