Friday, January 16, 2015

Net neutrality under attack from new Congress

No surprise, as they hate regular folks having the power of open communication and coordination, as well as sucking up to their moneybag ISPs. This is from freepress to stop the regressives who are creating new legislation to hogtie the FCC from declaring ISPs common carriers under Title II and thereby maintain net neutrality. This is a key issue of our time so please read and contact your reps to stop this obvious corporate power grab.

"The FCC is so close to finally passing real Net Neutrality rules, and the cable lobby will do anything to stand in its way. Comcast’s first move is trying to get the Republican-controlled Congress to disrupt the FCC’s process. The legislation they’re concocting might be dressed up as a “compromise,” but its purpose — to stop FCC action — is all too clear.

Here’s the deal: Sen. John Thune and Rep. Fred Upton — the new leaders of the key congressional committees that oversee the Internet — are cooking up legislation that might look good on the surface, but is almost definitely a gift to the cable lobby.1 Both are on the record calling Net Neutrality rules “unjustified” and a “solution in search of a problem.” Their sudden change of heart looks like nothing more than an effort to undermine the FCC and distract the millions of Net Neutrality supporters who have spoken out in favor of Title II. If it looks like a trap, then it’s probably a trap. And we need your help to ensure your members in Congress don’t fall into it.

With the FCC poised to vote on new rules on Feb. 26, Thune and Upton appear to be fast-tracking their proposal. A hearing is scheduled for next week, and a bill could be here before February.
Legislation like this is designed to distract and derail the progress of our people-powered movement. It’s a push to stall our momentum because our opponents know we’re close to winning the real deal.
There’s a reason we’ve been saying that Title II is the answer for real Net Neutrality: Restoring the FCC’s authority under the bipartisan framework of Title II will not only preserve nondiscrimination and Net Neutrality, but is essential to upholding other critical communications principles like competition, universal service, interconnection and consumer protection.

This proposed legislation needs to be exposed for what it is: a cynical cable-lobby effort to prevent the FCC from enforcing the law to keep the Internet open. Why would we trust the fiercest opponents of Net Neutrality to protect our Internet freedom?

Thanks so much—
Candace, Craig and everyone else on the Free Press Action Fund team
P.S. Every penny helps when you’re going up against deep-pocketed foes like the cable companies. Donate $10 (or more!) today to fuel the fight. Thank you!"

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