Monday, January 19, 2015

Regressive reality denial

Krugman nails them yet again: regressives hate facts because they belie their ideological attachment to the notion that government cannot do any good. When it does based on the facts and/or science regressives have to deny the facts to maintain this relentless canard that has proven wrong time and again. Krugman gives examples on climate change, supply-side economics, Obamacare, ebola.

According to Krugman, underlying this hate of government is a fixation on traditional hierarchy.
I've noted in many times an places before that traditional hierarchy is indicative of a metaphysical worldview, itself so attached to itself that it must posit an absolute and abstract world beyond the mere relative facts of this world. And that those in direct contact with said world beyond are immune from criticism from the relative world with its evil science and facts. You see, relative reality is not the Really Real Reality of heaven (for the religious regressives), or of pure abstract reason (for the more educated regressives of the Ayn Rand camp). Both are based on metaphysical hierarchies. Also check out the IPS real/false reason thread for further exploration.

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