Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Regressives plan to remove over 1 million from health insurance

Congressional regressives have a Bill that will change the Obamacare mandate, set to kick in this year and which would require employers with over 50 employees to provide insurance to full-time workers. Full-time is currently defined as 30 or more hours per week. The regressives want to change it to 40 hours per week. This gives greedy employers--not all of them are greedy but some are unquestionably so, usually those of the regressive party--will immediately change those working 40 or more hours to just under 40 hours so that they don't have to meet their insurance responsibility. The CBO estimates that 500,000 will immediately lose their insurance and another million will have to rely on Medicaid, thereby increasing the deficit by almost $74 billion over 10 years. Just another example of how regressives could give a shit about us regular, hard-working folk and pander to the rich and greedy employers who also could give a shit about their workers.

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