Sunday, January 11, 2015

Integral ethics

In a recent FB post I linked to that now infamous, classic integral essay "Giving guns to children." I've been searching for articles on an integral ethics and found the below from PCC Forum, a presentation by Sean Kelly on a complex-integral ethics. The blurb on it follows:

This talk is a contribution to what I hope will be a more sustained dialogue between the project of integral theory founded by Ken Wilber and the method (or "Way") of complexity initiated by Edgar Morin. The focus for this portion of the dialogue is an inquiry into the nature of the ethical, with the assumption that such an inquiry can assist us in becoming more responsible participants in this most critical phase of the Planetary Era, the challenge of which can be understood as ethical to the core. Following a brief consideration of the idea of the Planetary Era, along with some preliminary thoughts on the nature of the ethical and its relation to theory in general, and to the project of integral theory in particular, I will explore several areas of conceptual overlap, complementarity, and creative tension in the proposals put forward by Wilber and Morin. These areas include: 1. a characterization of modernity in terms of a necessary differentiation and subsequent dissociation of constitutive elements (Wilber's "Big Three" of I, We, It; Morin's trinity of individual, society, and species). 2. the postulation of a fundamental ethical principle (Wilber's "Basic Moral Intuition" and Morin's notion of "re-liance"); 3. a multi-dimensional view ethical praxis with a focus on the transformation of
individual consciousness; and 4. a highlighting of the evolutionary primacy of love.

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